Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I am the guitarist in a small band known as Discard Pile there are three of us in the band ---> Taggert Wise (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Tanner Shelton (Drums), and myself, Tyler Zeller (Guitar, Vocals).
We recently released a self-produced EP, "Break The World." You can check it out at:


We already know we're the best band in North America (*nervous laughter*), but we would love to hear any feedback you might have for us! Simply post directly to this thread, or email (yours truly) at: tylerzeller182@gmail.com

Tyler (that one ugly guy that plays in that one band)
It's cool stuff! Pretty vibey. You guys should try writing some big loud driven choruses to go with the quiet verses. I really like "Break the World" (it's my favorite by far) but I keep waiting for a huge anvil of sound to suckerpunch me. Keep it up!