hi. Does anyone have advice/links to improving playing the bass notes and melodies simultaneously? It's tricky because there's two things going on at once but I've been playing around with it at a basic level and would like to improve on it.
Assuming you're talking about playing a bass line at same time as melody/chords. all on guitar, then is it the technique, or the note choice you're asking about?
cheers, Jerry
actually i think im asking more about examples of people using it. Technique is just repeating and note choice is using my theory knowledge. Should have specified
Well theres a whole way of playing jazz this way called Chord melody, look for anything on youtube with those keywords and ull find it.
Other then that a lot of Blues, ragtime, folk and country utilizes this when fingerpicking pieces for one guitar. In rock and pop its often used in riffs too.
I'm mostly familiar with this in a jazz/jazzblues context, cause that is the only time i am playing basslines from time to time, otherwise i get shouted at by the bassplayer.

On a serious note, if you are looking for examples of it in that context the following players use it abit:

  • Joe Pass
  • Lenny Breau
  • Barney Kessel
  • Andreas Öberg (on the "Solo" album)
  • Pat Kelley
  • Jimmy Bruno
  • George Van Eps
  • Royce Campbell
  • Jeffrey Burr
  • Louis Stewart
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Get your thumb going first. When you've got the bass part down then bring the other parts in...it takes a while and often at first it won't sound anything like what you're trying to play and then after dedicated practice it will click. A bit more practice and it will seem easy. Learn a bunch of songs and it will get easier and easier.
jesus charlie hunter is probably 100x better than ill ever be...good thing i don't aspire to play like that.