Took those knees in toward your chest shield here but then slow extend his legs back out again for him straight up from the ground olive straight up those hips and then right back down again hovering above the ground beef we took those knees and to keep halting back and forth Garcinias Pure its me really hard to get those legs back up from the bottom position 16 and those legs back out but try to keep that legate raise you can trade got your back flat against that Mac you need to on the way back up keep those knees slightly bent to make a little bit easier make sure you're trying to do as hard virgin you possibly can take those legs straight as you possibly can the entire time keep checking is done muscles to get back is that Matt as long as open 5 I've for 3 to wine and let her relax our next exercise as a bicycle leg drop5 for 3 to one and start-up with is exercising into nice big circular motion with those feet every single time when they comes down to the ground in a dude nice little leg raise with that one leg try to back down and start a circular pattern over going with those feet just keep altering back and forth keepers abs nice intake those lines open ski does keep moving know if you need to make this exercise a little bit easier in circular fully extended leg when you're raising that leg up can bend that knee slightly the more you bend,

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