I've got my head round the caged method for Chords.

I know the pentatonic shapes 1-5. I was told that using the CAGED method
would allow me to tie the two up, however I am having a tough time linking the
E shape to a pentatonic pattern.

For example if we take the A barre chord, which pentatonic shape fits over it?

I hope that sort of makes sense!
So I you know your CAGED chord shapes. Then you'll know the E chord shape and what each of the scale degrees in that chord shape.

This is the barred E chord shape with the scale degrees written out.


I put the third on the A string in brackets because it is a chord tone even though it's not
part of the E major chord shape.

So then just add in two notes to those (the M2 and M6 scale degrees) and you have the pentatonic shape...
This is the barred E chord shape with the extra two scale degrees to make the 
major pentatonic scale.


Same goes with all the other five chord shapes - take the basic caged chord shape and add in the second and sixth scale degrees and you have the pentatonic major sale.