So I have a yearning for a PRS guitar and I want a PRS Mira. they came out with the Mira in 2008 or something like that I think, than they discontinued the Mira in 2013 and relaunched it last year as part of the S2 series.
Is there a difference between the old original Miras and the S2 model? I read somewhere that the electronics were different (better in the original) but I cant find any other discussions or information. Anyone know anything here?
Yes they are a little different. I'd go for an original one, they run $700-$800
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a used USA mira is less than or about the same cost as a new S2 Mira as rob states.

while the S2 Mira at my local shop is great, i'd personally still seek out a used USA model because it would hold it's value.

then again that goes for most gear i buy, i prefer used bargains i can dump for the same or more if i decide to sell later.
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i personally dislike the s2s ands find real USA original line PRS guitars hugely superior.
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