i play electric guitar anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours a day, so averages out like 1-2 hour a day on a weekly basis. ive been playing for about 6 years on and off. I barely play acoustic and especially when i play chords my finger tips get sore after 40 minutes even though this doesn't happen with electric guitar, although it happens a bit after like 4 hours of playing.

Do i need to play acoustic guitar on a daily basis to not get this pain from only acoustic guitar? It's not too bad when i play single note leads on acoustic. or perhaps play electric guitar even more so that my callouses are super callouses lol.
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Yes, I think you jst need to play acoustic a lot more until your fingers toughen up. It isn't just callouses, the nerve endings also retreat deeper into the skin, or something like that.

If you are in this "toughening up" stage after playing electric, I would use 12-52 strings and have a good set up done. IMO, it is defeatist to use lighter strings than that on a flattop acoustic, but because of the high tension, feel and comfort are sensitive to set up.
You'll have to just deal with it. And make sure your guitar is set up properly too.
Sounds like the action may be a bit high, definitely get it set up. I've been playing for a year and my fingers still get sore after hours of playing but not after 40 minutes. Keep in mind, acoustic strings are a little heavier than electric; acoustic lights are .12-.53 while electric lights are .10-.46.
I don't know about the set-up of your acoustic guitar but useally people who are used to the feel of an electric experience sore fingers. That is because an acoustic guitar has more tension on the strings.