hi, im looking for some advice again, im just starting to get the hang of open chords and power chords and want to move on to playing notes up and down the neck, (shredding, soloing, im not really sure what to call it) i have no idea where to start, im practicing the minor pentatonic scale but dont really know how to utilise it and i really want to be able to use the whole neck, not just a small box, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
thanks in advance.
I've been an acoustic fingerpicker for a long time, who only got into scalar-solo type playing a few (by my standards) years ago. I did it by learning the pentatonic boxes in all five positions, not just one, as you seem to be doing, how to move between them and how to apply them in major and minor forms*. Then I added extra notes and learned to switch between major and minor pentatonics plus add-ons in the same song. - For an example. listen to Roy Buchanan playing CC Rider to hear this shifting beween major and minor, and adding extra notes:


That is one of my favourite electric blues solos.

* For example, the Am and C major pents have the same notesand boxes and will fit A major blues and rock, and other Am and C major tunes, among other things.
Hello Guys,

Yep I do agree with Tony! And I'll add a few tips from my own. Pentatonic is so usefull, I use it constantly and what matters a lot is the way you use it. I mean, everyone can go up and down the pentatonic boxes but you need to do music with them. That said, if you want to solo, you need to master these box and then you need to master the way to make them alive. To reach that you need to master : vibrato, string bending and muting. Of course there are many other technic (alternate picking, sweep picking, legato, tapping, etc...) but I belive the scale become alive first with those three technic : vibrato, bending and muting.

I hope it helps a bit!