Hey all,
So I've been working on this Epiphone S-310 for a friend, and though things have been going along pretty well, I have found myself at a brick wall for the last few weeks. My problem is that I need to replace a busted tuner, but I simply can't find one to complete the original set. I am determined to keep this guitar original, so I'd like to know if any of you have, or could point me in the direction of a replacement tuner.

Here are a few pictures of one of the remaining tuners next to a similar replacement that I sent to an Ebay seller in hopes he would have one in stock.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your help.
Only advice is look thoroughly for one, I had a similar issue with my Squier Strat, as the tuners weren't the same as newer strats or full fender strats, finally found some on eBay
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the grover "Style" tuners on ebay have the same T 2 sort of markings on them. I would shop around they most definitely came from china. They have the same 10mm hole and all.

the replacement looks like gotoh "Style" tuners. I have some on this crappy Ibanez right now.
You could try asking Epiphone. I had same issue with a 20 year old aria PE special MIJ. I contacted them and they sent me the exact tuner for free with free postage. Can't say fairer than that