Hello there,

im a raw recruit in playing the banjo and my main aim is to play blues,jazz and swing on that thing. (5string)
(i know its a long way to go and i am patient. and i know its not the easiest music to start learning an instrument)

i ask myself if anybody here has some experiance in playing swing on banjo.

i started learning the bluegrass banjo. but i once tried to (write down a) transpose a django melody ("minor swing") (just to get a little routine with notes, scales and thing, i know its all about hearing..) i found out, that i not have enough octaves on that thing. (am i wrong?)

maybe its not always like this. and i think, that there is no problem playing (my own) swing and jazz with only 2 octaves (wrong???) (but i want to understand and know it before playing my own)

i dont have no teacher or any body who can tell me some basic knowledge.

so maybe somebody in here can tell me some main differences in structure of melody/harmony/rhythm between (basic/classical) swing-song and a bluegrass song. (its not that i dont hear a thing, but i just want to know some facts with the view on its musical structure)
there is not a lot to find about learning swing on a banjo (cause i know its not that common) but about bluegrass. so if anyone can give me some advice or some basic knowledge i need to know, not to make harsh mistakes and keep them in my practises. and than i can compare swing/jazz with bluegrass a little better. i think that would open my eyes (and ears!!) a little more, listening to it, with a little more knowledge!?

give thanks everybody.

(PS: maybe its a little misplaced in the "bands & artist"-section. sorry for that..)
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