Recently fell in love with Devi Ever, and have been racking my brains to decide which fuzz of hers to get. I've narrowed it down to two candidates;
The Hyperion or The Torn's Peaker.
I was tempted to get the Shoegazer for awhile, but I'm not too keen on the $200 price-tag...
I love that both of these seem to have a good mixture of articulate and dynamic, ala the Fuzz Face, and wall-of-sound-y, ala the Big Muff. IMO the Hyperion seems a little more harsh, while the TP comes off a bit more bassy.
Curious to hear some feedback about these two pedals.
I've tried both, used to own a Shoegazer.

I would totally flip around your assessment of the two pedals. The Hyperion sounds way more muffy, and smooth to my ears . The TP I find to be really nasty and harsh, but in a good way. A very nice vintagey messed up fuzz. Both are great pedals though. Also worth mentioning is that the Hyperion is gated and the Torn's Peaker is not.

Really it just comes down to what sound you're looking for.
Oops, I meant that vice versa haha.
Which one did you happen to like the most?