Hi there!

So, I been thinking about some Wireless Guitar Systems, but I really haven't got a single clue about that sort of gear... I'm getting a little tired of the limitations, when using a cord...

So I want a Wireless System, that much I know, but not exactly which one?!
Can you guys recommend some or have tried/used some??
I would really help a lot.

P.S. - I use roughly around 2 guitars, a multi effect and a half stack.

If you want the best of the best,

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I used to say, "Buy any wireless you want as long as it's at least $500 and says Shure on the label."

If you want a (slight) step down, get a Line-6 G30 or G50 relay.

If you want a step down from that, the AKG WMS 40 Mini/ Joyo Wireless is there.

I was thinking about getting a wireless transmitter not too long ago, and decided to invest the money in other things. I'm not playing rock-star level venues, so I just wrap my chord through my strap, tape down what is loose, and I do my thing.
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The Shure systems are really what you want. If you can't afford that, G30, if you cant afford that, stick with the cable.
Even then, I wouldnt really bother with the Line 6. They're at a point in reliability where there's still a reasonable chance theyll drop out, and you don't want to be adding something to your rig that could go wrong.
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Shure GLXD16. Wireless stomp pedal like the Line 6 g50 but with a built in tuner and rechargable battery for the body pack.
AKG WMS 40 Mini, Over 2 years has never dropped out. I can't tell difference between the sound with it or with lead. So I'm sure people listening to me can't tell the difference. It's also great for going outside to have a ciggy during rehearsals. lol. You don't always have to spend shit loads of money to get good reliable gear.
I should note one thing about that quote.

I *used* to say "Buy any wireless you want as long as it's at least $500 and says Shure on the label."

I've actually been using a Line 6 G90 (same transmitter as the G50/G55, but the receiver is a rack-mount) for quite a while. There are no issues with Line 6's reliability, contrary to someone else's previous statement, and no issues with dropout, either. I haven't tried the 300 foot line of sight range claim.

Line 6 was eating Shure's lunch for a while with the digital products, but Shure has a new digital that's similar and very good. If I didn't already have the G90, I'd have no problems using the Shure.

If you want the best in the business, you probably have to go to Lectrasonic or something similar.
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I also have the akg wireless mini, I've used it for gigs, and couldn't really tell the difference between that or plugged straight in, and I've walked around a whole auditorium for the fun to see how far it reached and got all the way to the back before it barely dropped out so I can vouch for it, and for the price its pretty good.
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