Hi all,
I'm somewhat new to electronics and guitar wiring modifications.
I am replacing all the electronics (pots, pickups etc.) in my Epiphone SG Custom.
Trying to keep it as cheap as possible and will be buying parts through eBay. So far I got on the shopping list:
4 X short shaft CTS pots
1 X 3-way selector switch
2 X P90 pickups with humbucker sized mounts
2 X 0.022uF Polyester Film capacitors

Except for the wires to hook everything up, will this setup work? I'm not quite sure about the capacitors, are they appropriate? Will the wiring or capacitors be different if I instead bought normal humbuckers?

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Heh, that's similar to what I did with my Epi SG, I put Seymour Duncan Phat Cats in there, which are P90-alikes in humbucker shape. Sounds pretty good. It's been ages ago, so sadly I can't remember what or if I did anything with the capacitors. It's lying around somewhere in my mom's house, so sadly I can't check.

I remember that I had to screw around with the mountings because they were curved for Les Paul guitars, but again don't remember how I solved that. I must be very helpful.

Important (made that mistake first) is to use flat pots, but you already figured that out as I see. I recommend logarithmic pots instead of linear ones with their annoying on/off feel. I also chose to make one master volume and one master tone because I don't like Gibson's independent controls for each.
the only thing i'd change is use 0.047 capacitors. not sure the output of the pickups as I've played maybe 2-3 sets of p0-s ever but I'm not big on 0.022uf. its too small of a difference I find but it's your guitar.

while in the control cavity remember to insulate the guitar with a conductive tape like copper shielding tape on ebay to make for a clearer tone.

honestly I'd have fun with the wiring. Not saying you need push pulls and all this crazy stuff but I'm a big fan of 2 band EQ like this guy does. I never use the regular tone knob instead I go with the fender greasebucket to shape the tone in 2 ways. I can draw out a diagram as I talk about it a lot on this forum.

Capacitors though material wise you can go with anything. Avoid electrolytic capacitors, the capacitors in guitars have no polarization which means they have to be a certain way. All we have to know about capacitors is like the name suggests capacitors have a "capacitance" a predetermined amount of charge it'll hold onto so the larger a tone capacitor the more treble it'll hold on to. 0.022uf for example is more for weak output pickups like single coils. 0.047uf is the industry standard for humbuckers. However the in between is 0.033uf. In this situation there is no right and wrong so let your ears decide. When I wire up Fender guitars I oddly enough use 0.1uf the green plastic mylar ones as fender used them in the 1960s on their production models. The most popular capacitors are "sprague orange drop" or malory has an excellent paper film option I forget what the model is called actually. Ebay is a plethora for them, some capacitors do this, others do that but it's not a gigantic difference like say going vintage wound to super high gain output pickups.

this is a wiring idea I mention a lot on this forum.

another idea is guitar fetish has this varitone BB King style thing they made you'd get 5 extra tones out of your guitar in every position.
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