Hello there. I'm completely new to pedals and I want to buy a pedal that can loop a chord progression that I have played and then solo over it. What can you tell me about looper pedals? What do I need to know? Are there some must-know details that I should be aware of? And finally what are your recommendations for such a pedal? What do you think about this one? http://www.michenaud.com/p24026/digitech-jamman-express-xt.php
I saw the same somewhere for even 80 euros. Is it a good one?
I play an acoustic guitar.
Thank you very much
I myself would get the jamman express xt over every other looper in that price range.

It's big, it has a status led, and it's stereo.
What's not to like?
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The Jamman is a good pedal all in all.

If you just want something that loops and does nothing else for cheap, get a TC ditto looper.
Thank you for your responses. I think I'll buy this one because it's also cheap.
Just a few more questions before I do so, what is true bypass? Can I add another loop to the loop I have already played or this looper allows only one loop to play at a given time? Will I always have to buy 9v battery to power it or is there also a charger? If I buy an electric guitar in the future will this looper be ok with it as well? Do I need another cable for the looper?
I already have an amp 'Micro Cube' and I frequently use my mp3 player so that I can solo over melodies. Can I use my mp3 player like that, add another musical line to the backing track with the looper and then improvise a solo over all that?
I'm sorry for all the questions, but these will be the last I think.
Thanks again!

edit: btw, I can also see that there is a knob on the pedal with written 'Level' on it. What is it for?
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