OK, I know the limitations suffered by small size drivers, but nevertheless I am trying to decide upon a good choice for a mini portable amp that I am building for my son who is into heavy metal.

He has a decent Marshall and I just made him a toy 0.5W practice amp that fits into a small tobacco tin just for practice sessions when he's away from the mains supply. Sounds awful switched to the built-in 2" speaker, but OK when switched to headphones.

Now I want to make him a decent portable amp, somewhere in the region of 6W-10W running from one or more 9v batteries, utilising one or more ICs (perhaps LM386 or TDA2003). The circuit will be designed from the output stage working back from the dual drivers. I have however limited myself to a maximum enclosure of 7" cubed, but the design I have come up with opens up giving two wings each of which can hold a 4" or max 5" speaker. I now need some help to decide upon the drivers.

I have considered the Jensen MOD5-30 and the HiVi W5 but have no direct experience of these or any small drivers for that matter and I would welcome and appreciate suggested models.


I can't really offer any advice others than if you're wanting to power an amp of that high a wattage from batteries only, you'll be spending a lot of money to keep that thing fed because it's gonna eat them like candy.
Well they already made one that is pretty good:

They can often be found for $60 used so it might be tough to beat with a parts list $$ alone.
The MicroCube also uses AA batteries so you can use Eneloop rechargeables instead of throw away 9v batteries. http://www.parts-express.com/galaxy-audio-s5n-16-5-neodymium-full-range-driver-16-ohm--290-018?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla

This speaker should be pretty good for your application but is probably overkill.
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