Hi all,

So I've always previously recorded by sending my guitar into my Boss ME-25 Multi effects unit, then ive used the USB link to connect to my computer and send into Audacity to record there. So my signal chain would be like this:
Guitar -> ME-25 (Where I would apply any effects) -> Audacity
Nice and simple.

However Audacity, being the simple free software it is, has it's limitations.

Therefore I have begun to look at FL Studio. Ive only been recording in FL for about a week, im using the demo version of FL Studio 10 (which seems to have all the features of the full version?) and i'm enjoying the ability to create drum tracks (takes a while to sound realistic as I record rock and metal) and I've also begun experimenting with using amp and effects models through VST Plugins.

Has anyone got any guidance or warnings about using FL Studio and using plugins for effects rather than applying effects before I send into the recording (so now I just record a clean signal and then apply effects)?

What have been your experiences with FL Studio? (Or any other free software for that matter?)

Any suggestions of ways to record or plugins to download?

Any knowledge and insight will be really valuable!
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I used FL Studio quite some time back and I could just never get a good grip on it. The interface is very customized and not like any other program. For Windows (I'm now using Logic on OSX these days) I found Cakewalk to be much better, where the interface felt more natural and like it wasn't there.
Does Cakewalk software have all of the abilities of FL Studio such as creating drum tracks and using effects chains within the program? I believe I have Sonar LE by Cakewalk as it came with my Boss ME-25 but I've never really explored it
I have many daws I use for different things and FL studio is the one I always turn to for fast and reliable results.
Search the WWW for some free VST amp sims or get Guitar rig etc. Run the VST in your Guitars Channel effect and get a decent sound and record. (I wouldn't put it in the effects sends 1-4 as these are useful for other effects available to all channels).Essentially that records clean with post processing so you can change it later without having to replay the guitar part once you have it right. Also might want to look at EZdrummer or Superior drummer VST for your drums.