A while ago I posted about how to use capacitors we use for our tone pots can be used to filter out a certain % of output on hot leads thanks to a seymour duncan post on the facebook page, or we can adjust our technique to just buying/trying stuff like lighter strings or something else. But we're talking about this for the sake of a new wiring mod to try out for fun and further our wiring knowledge.

so QUICK what does it do and how does it work.
you are using a potentiometer to adjust the output of a pickup. 100% on the knob is your full powered pickup but as you turn down to 0% less and less output is there until you finally hit 0% on the knob and it coilsplits so roughly 50% of your pickups output as a coil is completely turned off. This mod is great if you never use your tone knob. Without a capacitor you also get a clearer/brighter tone as well or so people claim.

if you got a soldering iron and at least one 4 wire pickup you're set. Any pickup brand or model as long as there is more than one coil in the housing and you understand the color code. No extra parts to order, no waiting around for a package to arrive..nothing. Just a bit of solder and you're set. As always remember if you use a 500k pot you're getting less sensitivity and more tones in between. Linear (B500k) over logarythmic (audio taper/a500k) so the potentiometer is more predictable.

when wiring focus on the modded pot and find ways to use this with your own wiring schematic. This ones easy enough where I can have faith that you guys can do it without someone going into photoshop and modding a schematic.

I'll take a varitone or something any day over this but I'm sure someone will appreciate this.
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