I recently won a ESP Eclipse in a contest, but later realized that it was an American Company and that they would be shipping the item over the border to me in Canada.

I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of fee's this is gonna cost me? Anyone ever been in a similar situation?
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unfortunately you'll have to send it to me
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i actually live pretty near the border to Canada, if you ship it to me I will drive it to you (depending where in CA you are ofc) for some gas money only and maybe some snatch if you have access to that
Ask the government. When I moved to Korea 2 years ago any musical instrument that costs less than $2000 was exempt so I had no problem. They didn't tax my guitars and amps worth about $7-8. They probably overlooked my 1966 ES-330 which is worth about $3k although I paid half that price many years ago. My wife's assorted leather boots, shoes and pocketbooks did get taxed.

Better to pay a small charge than get in big trouble later.
I live nowhere near Canada, but you could ship it to me. It will probably cost you even more, I will probably keep the guitar and you probably won't ever hear from me again, but that's life, I guess...
It's good to have some options.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

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Are you sure you were eligible to enter?

You often find somewhere in the small print that entry to competitions is restricted to people in the country the competition was based. If that's the case, you may not be entitled to receive it anyway.

If your entry was within the T&Cs of the competition, I'd say it was the organiser's responsibility to get the guitar to you and if they're a reputable company they will have a process in place to manage this.

Definitely go back & check the T&Cs of competition entry though. It will either tell you your entry is invalid, or will provide some information about what happens next.
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