i'm no expert at setups but i think you probably need to shim the neck.

the v6 is a strat-style guitar without a floyd usually, right? and you just put a floyd on there?

If so, yeah you'd probably have to shim the neck- a strat trem sits a fair bit lower than a top-mount floyd on a guitar's body.

shouldn't be too hard but I've never done it so I don't want to tell you wrong. But I'm sure there are guides on youtube or online somewhere. you basically just put a little bit of cardboard in the neck pocket to adjust the neck pitch.

EDIT: nice work on the EVH-ification, by the way
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There's nothing wrong with the Floyd, it's as low as it can possibly go. The only way you can get it lower is to shim the neck. The other way is to recess the Floyd by routing out underneath it, but since you have a Franken Strat clone I doubt you wan't to do that. Just google on how to properly shim a neck to add more of an angle for lower action (or anything in that ball park) there's plenty of info on it out there.