Hi all,

I am a relatively newer guitar player. I currently have a couple of cheaper guitars and was thinking of upgrading.

I like the LP style and was thinking of getting an Epiphone LP-100, but I was in Guitar Center today and they had a used 2007 Epiphone LP Standard that looked brand new for about the same price.

Has anyone bought used guitars from Guitar Center? I usually don't like buying used, but this kind of made me indecisive. I really don't want to go above the $270-280 range. I would love to, but can't.

The LP100 is nothing like a les paul. Get the standard.
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I wouldn't even think about the LP-100 if you can get a Standard for the same price.
Get the Standard.
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Yeah get the standard for sure, the LP-100 is not very good.
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Get the Standard.

I haven't bought a guitar used from GC, but got my Class5 and a couple of pedals used from them. So long as the iterm itself is in good shape I have no qualms buying 2nd hand from them.
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Thanks all. I may swing by there on my way home from work and get it (if it is still there, lol). Like I said, it looks brand new. Did not see any scratches or any kind of signs of it being used. I was just concerned with it being used.
Guitar Center is usually pretty decent with used guitars in my experience. Just make sure to look it over, note anything wrong and ask about the return policy, usually you have 30 days to return at any time.
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Standard. My past couple guitars have been used GC finds and I've found some insanely good ones. I've yet to see a guitar on the used rack that has been horribly abused. You'll enjoy the standard and if not like they've already said that 30 day return policy is a life saver if something is wrong.