Have the Ditto X2 and it works flawlessly, except when I'm driving two amps using the passive Radial A/B/Y after the looper. For the record, I'm running the Ditto into the Radial, then into both amps. So when I 'loop' the loop splits to both amps at the same time. So, here's what happens:

Running one amp without the Radial sounds fine. Running two amps with the Radial sounds fine when playing a loop, or when a loop is stored in the device. When I clear the current loop (delete what I just recorded) a notable volume / high end drop happens. Hitting the record on the looper brings the volume back up to normal, and even when not playing a loop or recording (just with a loop stored in the pedal) volume is fine. When clearing the loop - signal drops.

This is especially noticeable using the lift/iso feature on the Radial (which is great for getting rid of ground hum...) and when not using the lift / iso the effect isn't as dramatic, but still there!

So, how can I fix this? Do I need to use a buffer pedal before / after the looper? Maybe try a different A/B/Y?

Quick hints:
-All my fuzz/distortion boxes are hooked to a loop selector, so when I'm not selecting a line, my signal chain is super short (Delay - > Looper - > A/B/Y). Issue happens regardless of what other pedals I have on/off before the looper.

-Have tried the looper on different power sources, batteries, etc

-Have tried different amps. Also happens when running one amp (with the iso on).

-Its not the volume of the loop that drops when clearing the pedal, its the entire signal. Likewise, when turning on a loop, its not the loop volume... the dry + loop is getting boosted. (Not boosted per se... just goes back to 'normal' volume, if I wasn't running the A/B/Y).