I need the chords and/or tab for Jesus How I Love Calling Your Name by Shirley Caesar. I am interested in playing the melody. I can read music and I know the fret board pretty well. I haven't developed my ear yet. So I don't know how to "hear" a song and know what notes are being sung/played. I'm learning though. Here is a link to the song:

Jesus How I Love Calling Your Name

Thanks in advance.
By the way...I don't know if you know barre chords but if you don't and the one part where you do this

     A        A   G#m F#m  E
Everyday your name is the same 

You can get away with just going from the first A and holding the A up to the E chord
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You are right Mr. Don you did help me with another one. I don't know barre chords, but this still helps me a lot. Thanks again.
Like I stated I tried to keep it simple for you and true to the song.... With the chords I have you can definitely play along to the cd... The part I have listed above where I stated to use the barre chords you only strummer each one ONE TIME ONLY.... And basically with the barre chords it is forming one and then sliding down the fret board from the 5th, 4th, 2nd, and then back to the regular E chord.... But if you want you can just hold the A chord and play that regular and then hold that and omit the G#m and F#m and then just play the E or like I also stated just play the individual notes in those places.... That is called a walk down .... Ok