Having recently acquired an Ovation 1778T, I was hoping to upgrade the preamp. Was hoping to find an OP-Pro Studio (with can). Looking around, it seems parts are scarce. I've looked at most of the normal places (online retailers, ebay, amazon, ext.) but am coming up with nothing.

Anyone have any ideas on where I can find one of these?
just be patient. Ebay will have a few pop up. or you can just pay a stupid price and buy it from Ovation direct. personally, I didn't find the OP-Pro to much different on my Ovations.
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Yeah, I'll probably go that way. Funny you should mention buying directly from Ovation. When looking at their web site at them, they don't list prices or have any means of ordering directly, only a referral to the nearest dealer. I don't even know how much a "stupid" price is.

Appreciate the input on the OP Pro. I'd kinda like to have something for a backup for the OP30 that is in this one. Was thinking I'd like to find an OP50, just to have the XLR/phantom power option.
I completely agree that buying replacement parts directly from any manufacturer is a well overpriced undertaking.

Nonetheless, Ovation lists their service centers nationwide, and if anybody would have parts, they would. Ovation also lists customer service numbers for made in USA, as well as their imported guitars.

They also have a, "contact Ovation" button. How would one know if they wouldn't respond if one never tries?

With that said, if the electronic option for your guitar was $100.00, I can almost guarantee you, that purchasing the parts will be double or treble that price.

Things are rough all over. If you were to buy a new car in parts, then assemble it yourself, it would cost you in excess of $60,000 dollars, for a $20,000 car, which themaker assembles for you.... Ibanez "Advantage" cheap ass plastic bridge pins, are six bucks a pop. The beat goes on.

So, while I have to say you really haven't put any effort in getting your part from Ovation, I also have to say, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".

Steppy also made a good point, about the step up preamp not making much of a difference. Ovation has a nasty habit of charging hundreds of dollars more, because they glue the soundboard braces on in different places. That might be an oversimplification, but it does illustrate that there a base instrument expected profit margin, and then the profit margin jumps to all new highs, when you talk about upgrades.
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Well CC, I suppose that's why I "haven't put much effort" into finding out about the manufacturer. Was rather hoping someone might read this post and say, "Oh yeah, I've got one of those in the back of the closet I'll sell ya for $20".

Yah gonna let me dream for a minute, or crush me with reality?

Quote by turtle2
....[ ]...Yah gonna let me dream for a minute, or crush me with reality?

Well. I'm kind of trying to prevent you from letting your enthusiasm get the best of you.

You know what that's like right? Happens to me all the time. You get something new and next thing you know, you're upgrading, buying all the accessories....

If Step says there isn't much of a difference, he should know what he's talking about.

Besides, getting in touch with reality isn't what you could honestly claim is, "being crushed by it".

The part you're looking for comes one to a specific guitar. Said guitar pretty much has to bite the dust before it, "gives up its spirit", (the preamp), so to speak.

So fight the good fight, hunt the good hunt, and don't let my silly pessimism break your spirit.
if you're gonna eventually hunt for one... go for the VIP 5 preamp. that one is a huge leap forward. I have that one on an Adamas 2080sr. the modeling choices are worth it.
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Thanks Stepchild. I had missed that one.

Might you (or anyone) know what preamps are interchangeable with the VIP-5 can?

Best I can tell, the OP-30 can that I have is interchangeable with these;
OP-20, OP40, OP50

Looks like a different can for these;
OP Pro, OP Pro Studio, OP idea

Also learning that the OP Pro and OP idea aren't really worth obtaining.

Just cataloging info for the random day that I might come across some Ovation fodder. Thanks for all the replies! They help much.... even the cranky ones ;-)
the cans are easily interchangeable too. the hole in the body is the same for each preamp.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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(sorry I haven't been up here much cranky...if you read the papers and see what's goin' on in the world, that's makes Steppy a really busy boy)
FWIW, I do worry about you when you don't post for a while. I figure you're in unspecified locations doing dangerous things...