So I just realized that everytime I've gotten a new piece of equipment my skill level always happens to increase, for example a year a got a new line 6 amp and i mastered quite a few new techniques and when i got my ltd esp i got even better, I havent had any new equipment in a while i don t feel as motivated to improve however i am getting a epiphone 1984 alpine explorer pretty soon, so should a expect to break new plateaus in my playing
I know the feeling. I had a Line 6 Spider 3 when it came out and back in 2010 I started using VST's like the poulin legion. It didn't necessarily make me a better player as much as it made me happy to hear such a quality leap in my amps, which rekindled my interest and in turn made me practice more.
As well as in increase in quality, it always make me excited to get something new. I have the feeling that I have to use it and play it. So the more I play, the more I practice, the better I get.
Its a double edge sword. I know how you feel. Getting a new piece of equipment motivates you to try to use it to play new songs. For example if you went out and bought a whammy pedal, you'd be tempted to play a lot of Tom Morello. The thing about this though is don't think that just because you buy a new piece of gear you're going to get lightyears better. Sure, better equipment works wonders, but only if your skill set matches the gear you're using.
Getting the tone you want boosts your guitar confidence by miles.
I knows this by experience
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The gear doesn't increase your skill level, the motivation of practicing more from getting new gear makes you better.

I got myself an Axe Fx 2 XL last year, and even though i already practice for quite a long period of time each day it inspired me to practice longer, incorporating more writing into my session, since i had lots of different sounds at my disposal.
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As people have said, new gear can motivate you.

And it can also make you play better - when you are motivated, you also practice more which means you will improve faster than usually. More practice = more progress.

Also, if your old guitar played like crap and your new guitar feels great to play, you may actually play better because of that. And a better amp can make you sound better, even if you don't really play any better.
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pretty much what everyone's said. the new gear won't make you better, everything else being equal, but if it motivates you to play more, or is higher quality (or more suitable for the stuff you want to play) than your current gear, you can get better because of it.
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nuthin' substitutes practice.
Although when I got my frankenstein strat (from evh, btw) I instantly ripped out every VH lead ever recorded (and them some) on that baby.
I know the feeling, I recently got a new guitar that feels right for me ( the shape and weight of it anyway) and I have been practicing more than ever! Sometimes all you need is the right instrument or piece of gear for some great motivation.
It is motivation. It has to feel right to be inspired to pick up the guitar, strap it on and then turn the amp on and or get the right effects ready too.

Did I sound better when I had a Boss Metal Zone pedal between the tube Marshall and guitar?

Well yes and no but I found the Boss effects to ruin what I wanted as my tone and that was not right.

Part of the gear hunt in the '90s was finding the right long term connection and it turned 2 ways. Vintage Marshall with tubes and higain Mesa/Boogie. Effects just colors the amp tone to much.

It to took at least a decade to start to get comfortable gear wise.
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