Here's a link of my singing(and terrible guitar skills, sorry!):


I've posted on here before, each time getting more positive reviews but I still lack the confidence. I recently sung to my mother and she said I was good, but I feel something just sounds off, but not necessarily bad, with my singing voice. I know I have to work on pitch but it seems like I'm also lacking on the emotion. Any advice? I'm also having trouble describing the tone of my voice, so could you guys describe it so I know what types of songs are better suited for me.

P.S. I didn't sing the chorus because I wanted to sing in the same key and that means it requires me to sing to a G5. My vocals range is from E2-C4 so I'm close to a two octave range .
You have a good voice, I think a great tip would be to connect everything, you sing al your words seperate wich makes it sound like you are reading a list with words. Maybe you could also put a little more power in your voice, breath in with your belly and keep your throat open.
You have a cool and low voice, it fits good with the song you play.
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Based off of the recording, your voice sounds aight. Not great, not terrible.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I was just wondering, what did you like and didn't like about my voice? Also how would I make it from an alright voice to a great voice?
You might be trying to do this too low to get any power out of your voice, sounds a little weak. I agree phrasing needs work, smooth things out and try to avoid the open spaces between words. Breathe between the lines, not in the middle of them. If you can find him, listen to Shawn Phillips, he did some stuff in the 70's in a similar style.

Same as someone else I just listened to your biggest problem is pitch control. I hear notes in the harmony part that are noticeably off, a couple in the lower part that stray a little. If you put your finger in your ear so it covers the middle flap, you can hear your actual pitch really well. One of the guys in the Bee Gees did that constantly, I never knew why till I tried it.

Capo up a couple of frets and try it, this might work a little better a note or two higher in pitch, you're not getting much power out of your voice at that low pitch.
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