need your opinion....I got a Blackstar ID:15 it has little headroom and its missing sumthin I just cant pin point it and since it doesn't have a loop, from what i understand I cant really put an eq or sonic stomp in front of it to give it more tone(and no i cant afford another amp, wife would kill me)....can you suggest anything i can put in front of the amp to give it an added sum-thin?...thans
Spend 30 quid on an Istomp pedal. Comes with 40+ downloadable effects for free. Lots of them are very good. Out of 46 to choose from you should find out at least what it is you can't pinpoint. Maybe eq, maybe boost maybe chorus or delay or O/D. That will give you the chance to experiment for not much cash. Only works with iThings though. And small enough to hide so the Mrs doesn't know you have it.
^ wouldn't be a hell of an idea to run a modeling pedal in front of a modeling amp if ya ask me.

What's the exact problem you're having TS?
'cause "give it more tone" could mean a lot of different things, and what you want may be achievable with some more sensible amp setting.
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I run 2 Istomps in front of my Vyper 120. 1 as a boost and 1 as a lexicon verb. Work Brilliantly.