Hi all

I've got a Washburn that's a few years old. It's just an entry level guitar and I haven't played it in a while. I found it in a closet the other week and decided to pull it out. The strings are awful! I guess that's what happens with a few years of rusting though

Anyways I'm hoping someone can give me some string recommendations. The guitar is a steel string. Longevity and durability isn't a huge issue or concern. I like to play kind of the newer folk sound that you get with people like Damien Rice, if that makes sense.

Any help is much appreciated! I'm a bit new here so I'm not sure if this is where this belongs but hopefully it is.

Really depends on what you like of course. You can try lighter strings so it's a bit easier to play. Or you can put thicker strings on it for a more full tone.
Hey! isaiah here.. i also have a washburn.. a wd10sce model.. personally ive always been happy with martin strings.. whats your budget?.. even the basic martin strings ive found provide good sound and have a decent lifespan.. but the SP's or lifespans are very much nice..or D'addarios, the EXP coated ones are nice as well, my guitar came set up with those and was content with them as well, just depends on price preference, but i recommend either one of those.. i use a light gauge as well.
I pretty much only use John Pearse nickel wound 13-57s. The standard Martin strings are horrible, SPs are much better, never tried the lifespans. The Dunlop, D'addario, Cleartone and Rotosound* strings I've tried are all very similar to the Martins. I've been through all sorts of different brands, sizes and materials, finally settled on the John Pearse strings. Nickel for the feel (they stay fresh longer than bronze) and 13s for the sound.

*I've tried one set of these and the D string was dead and wouldn't intonate properly, haven't bought them since.
i prefer the base martins over many of the other base strings from other brands, i tried some ernie ball earthwood and think theyre the worst ones ive tried to date,do not recommend these, spend the extra money..