I have the above guitar - http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/SA120EX - which I got a few years ago and am only just getting round to resuming learning. I'm left-handed and at the time planned to learn a RH guitar as I'm relatively dextrous both ways and figured it would be more convenient/easier.

But now I start again, I'm feeling more comfortable with it when holding it as a LH guitar. Not ready to buy a new one yet so am thinking of converting it for now. Restringing and changing the nut looks relatively straightforward - the one thing I'm unsure of is the pickups - this is likely a stupid question but are pickups - and/or those specific ones (apparently Axis Humbucker 5 and 6) - handed in any way? Will I have to flip them round?
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I know the guitarist of Limp Bizket Wes Borland is left handed and he had to actually re-adjust the studs on his tremolo but if you don't mind the tremolo being like Jimi Hendrix on the other side by all means. The locking nuts super easy to swap and no extra adjustments in the tremolo at all as long as you maintain the same string size.

With the pickups yeah I would put them the other way around. Make sure to do both and not just one. No wire soldering is involved. Just make sure you do both because you don't want them to be thrown out of phase in the middle position. The reason is certain pickups have pole pieces that are specifically for this or that string. But if you're new to guitar I wouldn't worry too much. I mean I can imagine Jimi Hendrix didn't and only the out of phase sound you'll really hear in the middle it's got this quack or a really dry wah sound to it.

this is insightful
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With the pickups yeah I would put them the other way around. Make sure to do both and not just one.

this is insightful

Many thanks for the reply, hugely helpful - and the video, which is also encouraging! I particularly like his argument that by, er, 'enhancing' the guitar it invests you in it - spending a bit of time working on it makes it more likely I'll find/make the time to learn more.

I'm still unsure what to do about the tremolo, but I'll cross that when I come to it. Meantime, just ordered some new strings + new top nut - I'm sure I'll be back if/when it goes wrong
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