So i realized this whole time i've been playing with my thumb hanging over the fretboard even when doing scales.So yesterday i started actually placing the pad of my thumb behind the fretboard.i suddenly had a faint burning sensation on the fleshy part of my thumb (palm) .This morning that went away but now i've got the same sensation on the bottom of my forearm playing for an hour and it's alittle bit stiff
Is that normal? am i the only one?
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When doing things you're not used to - especially with the left hand/arm if you feel any discomfort at all, shake out and rest for a little bit.
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Make sure your wrist is straight (parallel to your forearm) whenever possible, and make sure you are playing with as little tension as possible.

If you only felt the burn after an hour (and it was definitely a burn, not a sharp pain) then it's probably just endurance. Just take a small break then carry on playing if you want to keep practicing. The above post is also completely correct, don't carry on playing if something hurts or feels very wrong.
Make sure to stretch your arm muscles before playing guitar if you don't do already, it's all part of the warm up process
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Make sure to stretch your arm muscles before playing guitar if you don't do already, it's all part of the warm up process


Add in neck, shoulder, wrist stretches also.

Mega-important, and it'll keep you injury-free for want of a couple of minutes.

cheers, Jerry
Thanks guys i'll be sure to warm up and shake it off i just wanted to see if it was something normal for that position.i was abit worried it was an injury coming on
I've recently raised the height of my guitar strap. I was getting some pain in my wrist and thumb.

Raising it up worked - no more pain, and im hitting chords and notes cleaner. win,win.
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