Hey all

So I really need to improve my singing, it's nowhere near as good as I'd like it to be. At this point in time singing lessons are not possible (no teachers in my area) so if possible, could anyone give me some recommendations to some great Singing Programs?

I've seen the ones by Seth Riggs, Brett Manning, a few others. I'm a real beginner so I'd like something that'll help me from the ground up.

When I'm back at college I'll definitely look for a teacher as I know there can be no replacement and there's nothing better. But for now I need something to work through myself and give me some knowledge on the topic.

All help appreciated!
How do you mean mod?

How would I go about using it? Watch the DVD then continue performing the exercises regularly?

Sorry, really an absolute beginner to singing. Thanks for the response
Well, it comes in a set of 12 CDs. The first 8 is technique. By mod I mean if an exercise gets you to do 'x' in a 13 5 8 arpeggio, then you do 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 instead. Of course there are exercises where it's not possible to do.