Just some advise about finger placement for solo ? I have learnt a lot using the E minor natural scale and I use my first and seconded and pinky or 1st, 3rd and pinky which covers most of the scale notes with out stretching , now my problem is this when you get to the 12 fret would it be best to use 1st 2nd 3rd finger ? I always seem to get mixed up when I get to the 12th fret as the fret get more close together .
Nothing wrong with that finger pattern, if you're comfy with it. Main thing is to remain consistent, to avoid confusion.

I play E natural minor at 12th fret, using following fingers (4 = pinky),

1 3 4 (treble E)
1 2 4
1 2 4
1 3
1 3 4
1 3 4 (bass E)

cheers, Jerry
Stuff like that all comes down to personal preference and context. Personally, I usually try to maintain one finger per fret until about the 17th fret, but it depends on what's played before and after, and also how comfortable it is.
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