What are you guys using for Drop C#-Drop D?

I currently have a seq of Ernie Ball 10-52 strings on and they work great on everything but low E which fret buzzes a bit if I hit the string too hard (25.5" scale). Headed to the store soon to get a .054 string to see if this helps, but that got me thinking. I don't really see anyone offering a 10-54 set of strings. I see some 11-54 sets, but I really am not too interested in going to 11s when this guitar will be in Drop D as often as drop C# since all my other guitars run 10s and I am used to the feel of them.

Should I just get used to buying a separate low E string? or should I look harder at the 11-54 set?
just get a heavier E. or look into some hybrid sets, I recall a set that had the top two of a set of 10's, G,D and A of a set of 11's and the E of a standard set of 12's.
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If your 52 is buzzing, going to a 54 will be worse won't it, unless I'm missing something as I don't drop tune at all.
Could get a 7 string set and skip the 5th string, it's not uncommon for drop tunings to do that
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If your 52 is buzzing, going to a 54 will be worse won't it, unless I'm missing something as I don't drop tune at all.

Going to a 54 would help things. Dropping from a 52 to say a 50 would make things worse. The 54 at drop C or standard D would be tighter and not buzz. At least not as much, I'm thinking of doing the same actually as I got 12-52 atm.
I'd go for a set of .11-.54s.

I just setup a new guitar with .10-.52s in that tuning and the strings are woefully slack. I'm just going to tune it up to E Standard/Drop D until those strings wear out (I'm a cheap bastard).

.11-.54s tuned to D# Standard/Drop C# is still not that much tension. Also, buzzing can often be fixed just by raising your action a tad -- and maybe just on the bass side. But adding a little more tension by upping your gauges will also help.
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You're getting buzzing at that tuning with a 10-52 set? Weird. I use a 10-52, and tune a full step down (Standard D, sometimes Drop C), with a 25.5" scale. There's sometimes a bit of buzz if I play unplugged, and pick really hard, but not enough to come through the amp and be an issue.
I use 10-52 for C# on a 24,75" Les Paul. Those strings should be plenty, because I personally mash the shit out my strings sometimes without any buzz. Maybe it's more of an idea to check the set-up of your guitar as well.
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If the idea of a capo doesn't turn you off, you might try a Kyser Drop-D capo. At the 2nd fret, it raises all the strings except the sixth 1 full tone. Besides avoiding string tension issues, it lets you play normal 6-string fingerings for G C and F chords and has a gizmo to give you a low E on 6 when needed.

I use one a lot on my acoustic, but it also works pretty well on my LP.
I use D'Addario Medium Top Extra Heavy Bottom (11-56) for D standard and drop C, great set for anything lower than E standard tuning, E standard I use the 10-52.
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The thing to remember is that you might very well like a certain set of gauges for one tuning, but as soon as you change the tuning they will feel very different.

Personally, I'm VERY picky about string feel -- I have to have more tension than most people like. I cannot change the tuning more than 1/2 step without changing strings. There is no set of strings that will feel the same from one tuning to another.
Don from D'Addario here - we launched a new String Tension app that can help you dial in your strings. You can find it here - www.stringtensionpro.com - hope it helps

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Jeffh40 i play in drop c# with perfect fifths pitch, that means: 432Hz instead of a standard 440. Believe me when I say that it's hard to get the thing intonate and perfectly strung (tensions and all that). Having that said, I use 10-56, ernie ball with a custom LaBella thicker string. It buzzes still man! Just a little, to be honest.... I PERSONALLY think you should get a 58 for the thicker string.... that would get you an overall perfectly balanced tension and a great feel. Just remember to equally pitch your strings and check the intonation if you feel the strings not bending or ring cool in every place. In the end, it's a matter of scale length + bridge type + guitar ?
I use 11-56, D'Addario's for that tuning. That's on a 24.75 scale. I raised my action on the bass side and I never get any fret buzz.
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