hey guys,

My name is Denn, I'm from the Netherlands and I've been playing for about 7 years. My styles are mostly rock, as I love the sound and feel it gives me.

I've never been able to focus much on just one song, and would be all over the place when trying to learn guitar, rather than focussing and finding the strength to stick with one song--this is why I haven't improved much in the last years.

Me and my girlfriend (who moved from Sweden to come live with me last year) just moved into an amazing apartment, and as she is rather musical too, I have found more motivation than ever. I have decided to buy a new toy that allows me to play guitar with Amplitube, and so I want to start my 2015 off good with the intention to learn songs, and not just give up so quickly! I want to improve, improvise, and know full songs. If you have any tips, they're more than welcome! (How do you find your concentration and determination?)

Anyway, my most guitar-amazing experience was when I was allowed to play at Sweden Rock festival with noone other than Ryan Roxie (guitarist for Alice Cooper). The adrenaline rush I got playing on a stage with a seasoned pro, was overwhelming. It's been one of the best moments in my life. It made my love for rock guitar grow that much more! So, by the end of this month I have an audition with a rock band from my area!

So, joining here seemed like another logical step to get in touch with fellow musicians who can motivate me even more. So, looking forward to reading lots on here!

Currently I own a Gibson LPJ, Epi Les Paul that I modified, and an Ibanez RG 320. I am currently GASing for a PRS Marty Friedman... But it's a bit out of my budget nowadays.


for improvement you could always go for the "locked in my room for 8 hours a day with nothing but my guitar technique" but you have a girlfriend so that might be asking a bit much.
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