He guys! Up-coming this week I have a school music exam/prelim with the SQA, but for a song I chose myself "Is This Love" -Bob Marley, I cannot find the notes/chords also written with a melody anywhere on the web or in any of my guitar teachers books!:0. I do need the melody with this song as it is mandatory for an exam. I would love it if anybody could link me to either a book or the music for this song! I would also love it if someone could help tonight as im back at school tomorrow. I know its not my final exam thank god but its still very important:/ Thanks for Reading!!
just make the melody all one note and that should solve your problem. actually yeah, just replace the vocals with drones. and dress up like a druid.
but theres gutta be the chords with the melody somewhere lol, like when it was produced it would have had it?
Just get a mac and make some sick wubz.
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1) If the examiner knows his or her shit, then tabs won't be acceptable. 2) Did you already find the sheet music?

ok thats fine i know that they need the melody written down for what I am playing and I know how to play the song as with the chords. I learnt it from a guitar teacher so it was just written down as tab and no notes or melody. I think this would be acceptable do you? http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtdFPE.asp?ppn=MN0093015