I have a dsl 100h marshall i was playing it just now and its just made a crackle noise and then just quit making any sound. Yesterday i notice the cracking/popping sound as i was playing. But i just started playing today and it made that sound for a few seconds and then quit working. What do you think is the problem and what caused it i just bought it 2 months ago. I run it through a mg412 cab could that be what caused it where its a low wattage cab. I also moslty switch it to 50w and play it a room level could that have cause it aswell?
Tube amps be crazy.

You may have a dead tube.
Since we no longer have tube testers at the local grocery, hardware and pharmacy stores, you'll have to buy some tubes and start swapping until you determine if one (or more) of them is bad. Tubes can go out at any time; some last a month, some seem to go on for decades.

If you have a high wattage amp and a low-wattage speaker cabinet, there's the possibility that you've blown a speaker. But if you have more than one speaker in the cabinet, only that one would have gone away, not all of them. Switching to 50W and playing at room level shouldn't have done anything.
the tubes are all glowing does that mean its not the tube the 4 output and 3 pre tube are glowing....and that cab is a mg 412 120w the one that really supposed to go with it is a mx 412 240w
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the tubes are all glowing does that mean its not the tube the 4 output and 3 pre tube are glowing

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i just started using a wah with it could that have done anything


As dspellman said in the first reply, you need to replace tubes to diagnose. Do that.
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i just bought it 2 months ago

Why dont you take it to a certified Marshall Tech before spending any money as this would all be covered under warranty.
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Im not sure if this page will help you but its got me out of the crap previously.


If its still under warranty then just take it in to your Marshall tech.

When it comes to speakers, make sure you have your impedance matched between the cab and the amp ie plugged into the correct socket, and also remember to never turn the amp on without a cab plugged into it as bad things will happen (biblical, end times type of bad things, but only to the amplifier, unless of course you cross the beams then we're all screwed... thanks for that lol...)

As for power ratings for speakers, I have the same amp as you and I run a pair of ancient Teac 12 inch house stereo speakers rated at something like 30 watts. No animals have been harmed by them yet and they actually sound quite warm.
Called marshall there gonna have me take it to a tech and get it fixed for free thanks guys!