Waking Gray is a 5-piece Hard Rock/Alternative Metal band based out of Lowell, MA. House Of Horrors, their debut/demo EP, was recorded and produced at Devotion Studios in Everett, MA by Jim Keaney The EP consists of 4 original songs, all of which have their own distinct flavors and personalities, ranging from motivational and anthemic, to primal and relentless. Despite the many directions the band’s music will take you, Waking Gray excels at combining musicality and virtuosity with catchiness and playability, ensuring a listening experience you’re not soon to forget!

Waking Gray is:

Sam Descoteaux - Vocals/Piano
Sergio Salvucci - Guitar
Chris Turmel - Guitar
Chris Powers - Bass
Johnathan Jena – Drums/Percussion

Listen to their EP, House Of Horrors here:


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The EP is now available for purchase on I-Tunes, Rhapsody, and many other major music distributors.
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