You can try vocal widening approach. Cut your main vocal, then copy it twice so you're ending with 3 mono tracks. Pick one to be your main track and mix that accordingly, maybe compression and eq. Then take the second one, pan hard left and detune by a few cents, say .03 higher than the main track. Pan the other hard right and detune by .03 lower than main track. Then send all three to one bus, put master compression on it. For the detuning I use MDA Detune:

If it goes only one way just make sure they're just slightly off to each other, you can also possibly add a bit of chorus to one and delay, but to start with the 3 vocal trick should work well.

Another trick is several layers of bus comression and short delays. Say you have one vocal track, create several send busses with different compression settings, one with short, mid, long, hard, soft, etc. and balance accordingly. You can also add delays to some of these. That way you can address not just the attack but also the length of the vocal and the dynamics. It is more complex to dial but this article should give you some pointers