hi all, new guy here, actually ive been here awhile but maybe my 1st post, name is john and age 63- have 2 acoustics- yamaha fg403s- wanting and electric one i found a fx370c at a pawn shop rather CHEAP, i cant ask string advice because i already bought the strings, but would appreciate any insight if i made a good choice???, i got the GHS phosphor bronze 11-50, basically i use this guitar plugged in, i cant tell you what they truly sound like because i dont know, i been totally deaf over 30 years, just had a hearing implant done so i could hear sound and voices after all this time, i dont have acoustic hearing and lack tone and pitch, but i love to play guitar, i got over 50 songs now under my belt and wrote 5 so far, thx to UG i can download the songs and words and play them with practice and effort, anyway- as i said, any advice on strings is welcome, i really dont hear the true sounds, but would like others to hear it as i play- TIA