Hey guys what's up.

I was wondering the MOST a month used black cedar AMI could go for.
They are made by Art & Lutherie.

No/no noticeable damages, buzzing/ringing, sounds great.

Also, if I were to bring it to someone, should I show them the receipt so they can verify that it was a month old, I hesitate do so as I bought it for $350. There is a used one online at guitarcenter for $400 lol.
I want a full size guitar which is why I'm considering selling it back. I may keep it.. I want to since it has great tone and sentimental value. My first <3.
they sell brand new around my house for $299 to a max of $349. one reason used guitars cost less is that they aren't covered by the manufacturer warranty, and yours won't be, either, so it doesn't matter whether you've owned it for a week or a year.
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