Hey Guys

I have a set of James Hetfields EMGs (Hetset) and was wondereing whats a good guitar to put them in. i dont want really want to rout anything

And also have a pair of Seymour Duncan Invaders (SH8 Neck ) and (Syn SH8 Bridge)
what kind of guitar would be able to fit these without routing or very little

I know ill probably have to buy new pots for them.

(Prefer ESP, Jackson, or Schecter) but anything will do.
oh and no floyds as i have had a shitty experience with them in the past

All of those will fit in pretty much any standard humbucker guitar. Any humbucker guitar you buy from any of those companies will fit those without any modification.
I agree, any kind of humbuckers will fit any kind of guitar.

Thing is the EMG pickups have blades under the plastic enclosure or housing, whatever you want to call it. Similar to the Dimarzio X2N so regardless you're getting the same volume out of the string no matter how hard you bend it.

The seymour duncan invader has such large pole pieces that... you guessed it same thing, no accentuation on F-spaced or trembuckers. Swapping to passive electronics though remember you want either 500k for average humbuckers but if the guitar is too bright try 250k.. however option 2 and this is an easy mod anyone on here who solders should be able to do.

pretty much before the seymour duncans black wire (north start, hot lead , signal in) hits the selector use a 0.022uf capacitor to filter out a certain % of the output if it's too muddy. That or if you never use the tone knob try the "fender greasebucket mod". It's a fender mod I found extremely useful with super high output pickups. It rolls off (turns down) excessive noise in pickups that are loud and bright like a seymour duncan JB.

any electronic questions though let me know. I'm one of the self proclaimed experts on here of it. probably taken 500 or so guitars apart and do custom schematics for requests.
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