Right now I have an american special strat, and I'm thinking about replacing hee synthetic bone nut with actual bone. Have a bunch of questions though
Do I have to look into the radius of the nut before buying? Should it be the same as the neck radius?
How do I know if the bone should be arched both at top or bottom or just top?
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just knowing the nut width should be fine. should be 1.6875" (43mm) on special strats I think. when I replaced my strat's nut with a tusq one I just measured the thing and took it in to the shop to see what fit best. most nuts aren't built to spec (usually slightly oversized due to the variety of sizes across all the strat models) so it will probably need to be filed slightly to fit exactly. not sure about the whole arched thing, but what ever shape came out should go back in i guess.