This is my honest opinion, but you might find it a bit brutal.

1. You are obviously under-rehearsed and you don't appear to have a professional attitude.
2. I didn't know when you had finished messing and started the song.
3. Your vocalist is not in tune (by a long way) - but you must be able to hear this!
4. Telecaster guy is uncertain of what to play and shys away from the (audience - is there one) - face the front will you?
5. You choice of tones and effects leads to a muddy muddled overall sound
thanks for not holding anything back lol. I appreciate the honesty
1.) this is a really new song of ours, so your not wrong there. it was the only video from the show though
2.) agreed, the beginnings need to be more concise
3.) I hear some off-notes but I wouldn't say he's not in tune. Id put it at 90% of the song he sings okay
4.) once again, new song so your right, and he was having some amp issues. But he could be more animated. There is an audience btw, it was a big floor and they were away from the stage a bit. They were digging the music tho
5.) I would appreciate if you would elaborate on this? The audio quality of the video isn't top notch, but im wondering what your notes are on the tones and any recommendations you may have, since from your profile it seems your a sound engineer
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Thanks for the crit bud!

I think several of the problems that PSimonR pointed out are due to the audio coming from the camera (at least thats what it sounds like to me). Its very rich in bass (as live music should be, in my opinion) and it tends to muddy everything up.

I thought your guys stage presence was fine! Personally I'd say don't even think about it too much, just enjoy yourselves! When you guys jam out in practice and shit, get into it then. Keep it natural and transfer it onto stage. But you guys looked good!

Overall for the song, I'd definitely listen again. Had a very easy to digest melody and progression but a nice original vibe to it. I think the vocalist was alright especially after he warmed up a bit. If I saw this as an opener, I would check them out after.
Nothing wrong with your stage presence tbh, although that singer was not in tune at all, however i might put that down to nerves, if your a new band.

I pretty much agree with every one of PSimonR's points that he made, however with point 5, this could be because of the camera you guys are using to record your self on.

It's not a bad song, its composed well from what I can tell, just keep at it.

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