ok so i own a soid body acoustic guitar. sapelle back and sides and spruce top. its a satin finish (i just thought id mention this as i thought it might have some bearing on the answer)

living in ireland the air is fairly damp so i mean on avarege its about 60 to 75 air humidity. can be more can be less. do you think my guitar will be alright like this. i have had the guitar for over a year now in these conditions and its been fine but i read an article that got me worrying again that the guitar could swell up and fall to pieces modeless which it isnt showing any signs of currently.
Also my flat can get a bit cold, i dont really use the heating as we're up fairly high and the place doesnt get unbearably cold normally. but im also told the guitar should be kept warm and cosy. anyway what do you guys think??
My music room is mostly high humidity, to the extent that is sometimes goes a bit mouldy, but I don't see any indication that it has harmed my guitars over about 15 years. I would buy a cheap hygrometer and just keep an eye on the humidity. rapid changes and extended periods below 40% are likely to be more problem than a bit too high.