Hi all

The title says it all really. Will they give the same sound or are they voiced differently?

But what would also be interesting to know is how much difference the type of wood the guitar is made from will make? The 6 would be going into a basswood Ibanez, whereas the 7 would be going into a Mahogany Ibanez. I play Thrash/Death metal etc. so the guitars go through quite heavy distortion


The only difference should be the Low B string, which you can't know if it sounds good if you've only tried the 6 string version. As for wood types, I believe they don't do as much of a difference at higher gains than at clean.
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They should be the same, the 7 may have a bit more bottom end but the main considerable difference is the extra string, that should be literally it
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If the woods are going to make a difference, it will be barely notable, because the D Activators are supposed to have a pretty strong tonal character themselves.