Recently just got a new telecaster and have been playing the shit out of it like any person would. I made this sweet chord progression but when I try to do it and acoustic I suck. The reason being that I can't seem to hit an A Major shape barre chord on acoustic because my G string always mutes. It's either that my fingers have been getting used to electric strings too much and can't handle steel or it could be that the acoustic I'm trying to use is a shitty cheap jasmine that may need it's action lowered. anyways I'm saving up for a new acoustic this summer so I could jam but do you guys think I can't hit certain barres because I haven't played acoustic everyday or could it be something else as the problem?
Thank you.
The A chord has always been a pain for me as well. When I try to play it in the most common 1-2-3 finger configuration, there is usually some muting. I've been using the 2-1-3 triangle shape and that works much better for me. You can also just barre it but then the high e is usually muted but that's OK for some songs. I've also tried the 2-3-4 configuration. It worked but then you can't add any sus's.
acoustic is typically a little harder to get a clean strum out of due to neck thickness, etc.

I have always used the pointer finger (3) string barre without muting the G string. Keep playing it on the acoustic -- try to get the action lowered on your Jasmine- youll get it.
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With enough practice you should be able to play those chords on any guitar without any problems. Check the action on your acoustic, if it's good - practice more, if it's not good - fix it and then practice some more.
im not sure what to tell you being i have no hearing, but i hear with an implant just done recently, i bought an electric guitar- easy to play (bar chords-etc)- and got used to the sound, for some reason i picked up an acoustic and hated it at 1st- i couldnt play bars either without thudding strings, i found out all was needed is more precision and pressure on the strings, right now thats all i play is the acoustic, i love the sound on it
Just thought I'd stir in a pinch of grammar naziing to add to your woes. If you never played an acoustic better than you do now, you can't, "start to suck" at it. That would imply that at one , (or multiple points), in time, you were better at it. You could perhaps, with a bit of introspection, "start out sucking at it".

With that out of my system. Yeah, you need to get your acoustic setup. The difference in string tension from electric lights to acoustic lights is perhaps 70 Lbs. I'm used to the string resistance with an acoustic, and get very little other than noise when I try to play an electric with light strings.

So, get the action fixed, practice, practice, practice, build up some callouses and you'll do fine.

Every once in a while I like to check my barre hold when I'm playing one of my 12 strings. While I'm loathe to admit it, there is a bit of buzzing sometimes. But only sometimes, mind you.