OK So heres the thing. My wife bought me a guitar for Christmas. Turns out she bought it because she liked the way bit looked. Strawberry Red Les Paul copy. (It is nice to look at mind). I sort of looked at it and saw the name GROOVE on the headstock and said thanks quietly as you do. Then I thought hell I'm Drunk its Christmas day lets play it and see how bad it can be. I was blown away. The balance of weight is perfect. Its solid Maple with a set Maple neck. The neck is like butter to play so easy, and the flipping thing sustains for ever. What I want to know is- What pickups will really do justice to this guitar? Oh and in casae youre wondering I played it sober too, and it is better than a vintage (Make) Goldtop I bought off the back of a review, its just the pickups are a bit quiet for my taste, Any help gratefully received Thanks
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Depends what you play and what you mean by quiet pickups.

I personally love a Burstbucker 1 & 2 or 57 Classic & Burstbucker 3 for a little hotter.

Enjoy it, pickup swaps arent too bad depending on how the wiring is in that. If its not great and you really want to spend some cash definitely go for a full wiring harness. Enjoy the new AXE!
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