Yep that was pretty damn slick. Reminded me a bit of some of my favourite bands at times (e.g. Big Country, Billy Bragg when with band etc.). Really like the echo-y, chorus-y guitar line in there (I'm a guitarist honest haha). Vocals were great, harmonies too.
The only thing is I didn't notice much what the bass was doing.
But yeah, if that came on the radio it would stay on for sure.

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the intro works, the lead is nice, nothing that really grabs you but enjoyable and sets up the song well. The tones seem off to me, almost too grindy (I think the distorted guitar is the problem). but I like the progression of the verse, especially the second half where the guitar comes back in. The voice is good too, fits the music, great lyrics etc. Still something weird going on with the tone though that I can't pinpoint. This reminds me of brand new/bright eyes which is cool. My only advice would be to do something different with the chorus, right now it feels like its a bridge. You have it repeating twice, I would do it once and then do a chorus vocal that goes to a higher pitch with like a descending, atmospheric legato melody or something. But other than that this is a solid, well written song. I really shouldn't comment on audio quality cus i dunno a whole lot, but from what my ears hear everything sounds too tinn-y and brittle.

im not [complacent]
im just wasted
settle down"

^ don't mean to suggest lyrical changes but I heard complacent instead of complaining, I thought it was cool but overall your words are really good

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the critiques. UG has come a long way since a few years ago, when "nice song, crit mine?" was what I'd mostly get.

And you know, "complacent" would be a pretty good word to put there! I'll have to put that in the margin of my notebook and apply it somewhere else
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