Just bought a Squier Cylcone as a back up to my strat and want to swap out the stock pickups. I was thinking a P-90 in the neck while keeping the humbucker in the bridge. Obviously the pickguard would need to be modified but does anyone have experience with this type of configuration? I play mostly blues, rock, and some country through a fender blues junior.

You don't see a lot of guitars out there with this set up. Is there a reason?
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Get a HB-sized P90, and you won't have to re-route anything.* All will be neat & tidy. I personally have a custom axe with the HB-sized P90 in the neck, and I love the combination of tones I can get out of that axe. I can recommend you some products if you give me a price range.

As for the rarity of that setup...well, it is a little unusual, but I have seen more and more production guitars with that array. The first I knew of was the Reverend Double Agent. Then I found some from boutique makers like Nik Huber. Then G&L trotted out the Fallout. So there is an increasing trend.

* Edit: didn't realize that guitar was a singlecoil in the neck, not a HB.

In that case, I recommend the Rio Grande Dirty Harry or Dirty Harry, Jr- singlecoil-sized P90s. They make it in a few different sizes & styles, so y should be able to find wine that fits your guitar without rerouting.
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I think the idea is good - I use that combination - but modding the pickguard will look untidy, because the SC screw holes will show. You will also have to enlarge the pickup cavity, unless it has a universal pickup rout

The guitar has a swimming pool rout cavity so anything should be able to fit. As you said there might be an issue with the screw holes showing. I've thought about that and I don't think it will bother me that much.
08' Fender MiA Strat
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