I recently started getting back into Jack White's stuff and noticed he uses a blue telecaster with what looks like a Bigsby tremolo in some live videos.
I've been thinking of trying to do the same to my mexican tele (stock pickups) as it's by far my favourite guitar, and I really like the feel of a Bigsby.

However I have never modded before and I'm not sure as to where to start, if it's worth it, if I could just wreck my guitar/sound, if a bigsby has any issues I don't know about, ...
Any tips, advice or guides would be helpful!


If you don't want to risk ruining your guitar, Squier do a Cabronita Tele with a Bigsby that is basically Jack White's guitar (Filter'Tron in the neck, standard Tele bridge pickup and a Bigsby) The only downside is that you can only get it in black instead of that lovely sky blue that his guitar is...

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