I'm yet to try this myself as I need to order more push pulls but this is an interesting idea for those who have a 0.01uf capacitor laying around.

I came across half out of phase years ago googling the most challenging guitar wirings. On the telecaster forum they were saying jerry Donahues was the most challenging and the perk to it was this new tone to me called half out of phase. The second he mentioned in an interview as I'd never heard of him before (I'm a metal guy) I checked out a video of him playing with the mod and it seemed pretty cool but the second he mentioned it needed a super 5 way switch it went in one ear and out the other and I settled with regular phase reversal. I can now do that or the jimmy page wiring without hesitation years later.

This was an interesting take on it, someone used a pushpull and made a variable version of it. All you need is a 0.01uf capacitor. Check it out if you're bored.

and this is an interview with Jerry talking about it and some of his guitars. It was probably one of the only videos I've seen with him in it but yeah it's insightful.
to my understanding when you pull up on the switch it reverses a certain amount of phase that is variable, it came up twice on a forum when I googled it as it's kind of an obscurity. Some guy had an ibanez like it and on the les paul forum they spoke about it really comprehensively about it. I'm going to give it a shot the next time I get my hands on some push pulls because I do have some 0.01uf capacitors laying around.

here's the original article
Interesting. Didn't go into too much detail though, or even post a diagram of the wiring as he did it. But yeah, it is basically just a bass-cut on a phase-reverse switch. The bass-cut high-pass just keeps the lows from cancelling.
All goes well I'll do a diagram before I got into guitars I was really into photoshop.

Full out of phase I had hardly any use for but this may be interesting. When I do bass cut I use 0.1uf capacitors for a big difference. If I ever do any more fenders I'll use 0.047uf though for weak single coils it seems too much for the greasebucket.