Hello, I seem to start most my threads with I don't post on here often so why change that, LOL. Anyways I just joined an Iron Maiden Tribute band in my area and they are solid. I am going to be buying a new bass for my first gig with them. I am trying my hardest to get a Stave Harris sound so I am gonna go with a Fender P. I have a few questions and would like some opinions on some things.
How different are (Fender P Standard Lake Placid Blue) VS ( Fender P Steve Harris Sig)
I know there is a difference in price tag and I have read the specs on both basses. But what is your opinion? Also lets say I buy the Fender P Standard and put the Steve Harris Pickups in, will this be able to contend with the Steve Harris Sig Fender P? Anyways your opinions are welcome. Also any other Fender P I might be over looking.
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The Steve Harris sig also has a much larger neck profile with a gloss finish, it's also MIJ so of far better quality than MIM Fenders.

They're both overpriced in my opinion and I'd highly recommend you get a G&L LB-100 instead.
As others have remarked, the Steve Harris Signature Precision bass has a very thick neck. A number of reviewers have likened it to a baseball bat. If a neck that is that thick appeals to you, then it is a good choice - particularly for an Iron Maiden tribute band. But if you are like the rest of us mere mortals, another Precision bass with a more manageable neck profile will serve you better. Harris also has a signature set of Flatwound strings from Rotosound. They are sold as model number SH77, so you should string you bass with them to better replicate Harris' sound. Swapping out the pickup for the Duncan SPB-4 Steve Harris Signature Precision bass pickup will also help in that regard.
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There are some cool Squier Classic Vibe P-basses that would work great too. Just swap the pickup if you want. Steve's signature strings are just a heavier gauge than the standard Rotosound flatwounds. I imagine the standard would sound just as good if you're not into heavier strings.